Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Reminder in Time Square

Terror has returned to the streets of America. Despite all of Obama's attempts at outreach, his calls for brotherhood and acceptance, his distancing from Israel, the Islamic hatred for America has not diminished one iota. Obama's best efforts notwithstanding, Islamic jihadists remains as committed as ever to murdering as many American civilians as they can.

Maybe this latest foiled attack will remind Obama of what Israelis face on a daily basis. The same people who launch rockets at schools in Sderot and who detonate themselves up in Israeli cafes tried to blow up Time Square. Israel is threatened from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iran by the same people who America is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. As Obama tries to court the Palestinians to the negotiating table, he should remember that they are on the same team as the people who try to wreak havoc, murder and mayhem in the streets of New York.

Obama made it his mission to repair relations with the Islamic world. His first public interview after being inaugurated was with al-Arabiyeh television. He traveled to Cairo to grovel, apologize and make amends with Muslims. He has committed himself to solving the Israeli-Arab conflict, even at the expense of the United State's greatest ally. Obama has publicly flagellated Israel, condemned it mercilessly and humiliated its Prime Minister, without making any demands on the Palestinians, all for the same of without credibility from the Muslim street. He has already managed to extract a settlement freeze on Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, tied Israel's hands as Iran races closer to the bomb, put the partition of Jerusalem on the map and damaged relations with Israel. Yet, despite all of these attempts at reconciliation and peacemaking with the Islamic world, Islamic jihadists remain committed to bringing down America.

Muslim extremists do not America because of its support for Israel or because of its interventionist policies. Muslims do not hate Israel because of settlements or "the Occupation". Muslim fundamentalists hate America because it is an Infidel society, based on human rights, democracy and liberty. Muslims hate Israel because they see it as an insult in the heart of the Muslim world- a dhimmi people refusing to submit themselves beneath the yoke of Islam. Islamic jihadists are at war with America because it is non-Muslims. They are dedicated to defeating America, regardless of its president or policies. They are dedicated to overrunning Europe (almost a fait accompli at this point) no matter how much Europe tries to appease or accommodate them. They are dedicating to destroying Israel, whatever its borders or size. Simply put, they are driven to wage war in the name of Allah in order to spread the rule of Islam.

Israel is but the first line in the Muslim assault on the West. As the foiled Time Square plot clearly shows, Israel is not the only victim of Islamic hatred and violence. As the well-known saying goes: "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people." When Obama promises them Jerusalem, he only whets their appetite for Rome and Washington as well. When he makes it seems that a judenrein Middle-East is in the making, Islamic jihadists are encouraged to take the battle to the streets of London and New York. Israel is the canary in the coal mine. Rest assured though, it always begins with the Jews, but never ends with the Jews.

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